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Prospective music students who would like to study at the School of Music & Conservatory, North-West University in Potchefstroom next year can now apply for admission and an audition.

The process to be admitted to undergraduate music study at North-West University consists of two successive parts, with a separate application for each of these parts.

FIRST — a prospective student must apply for general admission to the North-West University.

THEN — a prospective student must apply for an audition and other selection procedures at the NWU School of Music.

The selection process will only start once both these applications have been completed.


Closing date for applications

The closing date for applications for all music programmes, is 31 JULY AUGUST 2020. Your application for general admission to the North-West University AND your application for an audition at the NWU School of Music, must therefore be completed by 31 JULY AUGUST 2020. NO late applications after the closing date will be considered.


Application guide

Our Guide for Application, Selection & Admission for 2021 provides full instructions and information on the application and audition process. Please study this guide carefully so that you are fully prepared and ready to meet all the requirements.

This guide can also be downloaded for offline reading and printing: English / Afrikaans (PDF 345kb).


Mailing List

Prospective students who want to receive regular information and updates on the application and admission process, can subscribe to a dedicated mailing list.



For any enquiries, please contact the NWU School of Music at (018) 299-1692 / music@nwu.ac.za or type your comment below.

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