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MASARA Research Round-Up — 4th Quarter 2016

[1] Early Childhood Conference ~ 10-13 October 2016 Dr Mignon van Vreden presented a paper at an international conference titled “Teaching and learning mathematics, sciences, design and technology in the Early Years (0-10 years)” hosted by the Early Childhood Subject...

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MASARA Research Round-Up — 3rd Quarter 2016

When we look back on our achievements of the third quarter it feels like a dream come true! [1] Colloquium: Prof Heidi Westerlund, Dr Sari Levänen and Dr Albi Odendaal ~ 11 August 2016 We had an extraordinary opportunity to meet and listen to Prof Heidi Westerlund...

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MASARA Research Round-Up — 2nd Quarter 2016

We look back on the second quarter and the amazing things we've achieved. [ 1 ] Symposia On 26-28 April 2016 we hosted a three-day postgraduate symposium where: (a) Dr Liesl van der Merwe presented an ATLAS.ti training workshop for staff and students from all three...

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MASARA Research Round-Up — 1st Quarter 2016

Research is an important part of the School of Music's activities and outputs. The MASARA research niche area (Musical Arts in South Africa: Resources and Applications) under the leadership of Dr Liesl van der Merwe, achieved the following during the course of the...

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Dr Petersen reports on the 42nd ICTM Conference

Dr Petersen also attended the 42nd Conference of the International Council on Traditional Music (ICTM) in Shanghai (with Dr Lumbwe) and provided his own report on the event: With the exception of the 40th World Conference of the ICTM in Durban, there was a record...

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Third book on Venda oral musical arts published

Prof Jaco Kruger of the School of Music recently published his third book on Venda culture. The girls in the baobab was produced under the auspices of the MASARA research niche area (Musical Arts in South Africa: Resources & Applications). The collection is the third...

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