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[ Tarina Wilkinson was one of four students selected for an exchange programme with the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden from August 2019 to January 2020. She shares the highlights of her experiences during this time. ]


Arrival in Sweden

On our arrival in Sweden on 23 August 2019 we were welcomed by Erik, a previous Linnaeus-Palme exchange student to the NWU School of Music.


The people

International students studying in Stockholm were invited to the City Hall for a “fika” — a time to sit down with family or friends to share a cup of coffee/tea and something to eat.

Stockholm City Hall


Here and throughout the exchange we met many other exchange students from across the world — definitely a highlight of our stay!

Tarina Wilkinson and international students


The food

Swedish meatballs with gravy

IKEA’s famous Swedish meatballs with gravy, mash and sweet peas. And for dessert a nice strong cup of coffee and a “kanelbullar”, a very popular Swedish pastry.


The season

The winter season and everything it brought with it — the snow, Christmas decorations and celebrations — were an exceptional experience.

Lappkärrsberget (Lappis)

Our accommodation, Lappkärrsberget (Lappis), covered in a layer of snow.


Christmas market in Riga, Latvia.

A Christmas market in Riga, Latvia.



Preparing for the cold weather.


Christmas star

These stars could be seen in many windows in the time leading up to Christmas and into January.


Our studies

Stuyding at the Kungliga Musikhögskolan (KMH) was a wonderful learning experience.

Kungliga Musikhögskolan (KMH)


Preparing for an exam

Preparing for an exam in one of the practice rooms at KMH.


Visit to Uppsala

Uppsala castle

Standing among the cannons on top of the hill in front of Uppsala Castle.


Uppsala tour

On a tour of Uppsala with Susan Yondt, one of the lecturers at KMH, before visiting the culture school.


The concerts

Berwaldhallen, Stockholm

Attending a performance by the Swedish Radio Orchestra at Berwaldhallen in Stockholm.


Så ska det låta

Attending the taping of Så ska det låta, a Swedish TV show.