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Some of the first year students talked to Anri Stenden about their experiences at the School of Music.

The way things are going, we’ll go to bed tonight and wake up in the middle of November. Ask anyone at the Conservatory how quickly we have seen the first few months of the year go by, and they’ll most certainly resort to exasperated sighs, nervous foot-shuffling or nail-biting. The notorious practical exams are getting closer every step of the way and — with the many other important (and demanding) subjects in tow — a music degree can quickly become overwhelming. Therefore, remember to feel proud when you receive your longed-awaited graduation certificate at the end of your studies …

Considering all this, we decided that it would be interesting to let our first-years tell us more about their first-hand experiences here at the School of Music. So, we approached Kenney Kobola and Maloma Cotsho to hear what they had to say about their time here so far as music students.


Kenney Kobola and Maloma Cotsho enjoying a quick break before the Student Concert on Friday 15 April 2016.

We started off our conversation by discussing which subject they loved. The two were unanimous in their answer: Music Theory!

Kenney: “We actually love every subject we take here at the Conservatory. But, being honest, I would have to say Music Theory just interests me the most.”— Maloma nodded in agreement!

And so I asked them who their favourite lecturers are at the moment. They laughed shyly at first, but I assured them that any student was free to decide which lecturer they loved best … and that their exam results would in no way be affected by their opinions — that’s why we have the Top Lecturer Award competition every year!

Kenney: “Our lecturers are all wonderful, but I do like Prof Hannes Taljaard and Ms Tammy Aslett — they have a fantastic way of teaching and it’s quite easy to understand their lectures.”

Maloma: “I also think they are great teachers. They have a way of accommodating everyone in their class by making us all feel welcome.”

In conclusion, I asked our students why they decided to begin their music studies here at the North-West University. It turns out that it was a matter of being close to home.

Kenney: “Well, it was either here or Durban … and Durban is way too far from home!”

Maloma: “Same in my case — home is the closest to Potchefstroom. But I have really enjoyed coming here and have no regrets about it. We are truly happy here.”

Our students are family-oriented folks, no wonder we form such a tight community here at the School of Music.