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Research is an important part of the School of Music’s activities and outputs. The MASARA research niche area (Musical Arts in South Africa: Resources and Applications) under the leadership of Dr Liesl van der Merwe, achieved the following during the course of the first quarter of this year:


[ 1 ] Increase in postgraduate supervisors

The number of staff members providing study guidance to postgraduate students has more than doubled since 2014. In that year, there were 8 supervisors for research essays, dissertations and theses. The following year, the number of supervisors increased to 14, and with the increase in postgraduate students, 4 more supervisors were added for 2016, bringing the current total to 18.

[ 2 ] Postgraduate symposium

MASARA usually starts the academic year with a two-day postgraduate symposium, this year on 11-12 January 2016. The first day focused on new postgraduate students, and the second day included those students whose research proposals have already been approved. A large number of students attended the symposium, some of them travelling from as far as Botswana and Zambia.

Playing data analysis games: Prof Hetta Potgieter, Dr Mignon van Vreden and Ms Catrien Wentink.

Playing data analysis games: Prof Hetta Potgieter, Dr Mignon van Vreden and Ms Catrien Wentink.

Dr Alvin Petersen (middle) with students Phiwe Makaula (left) and Marguerite van Wyk (right).

Dr Alvin Petersen (middle) with students Phiwe Makaula (left) and Marguerite van Wyk (right).

[ 3 ] Dalcroze workshops on Thursdays

An exciting initiative is the presentation of a Dalcroze workshop for staff and students each Thursday morning at 10:00, facilitated via Skype by Bethan Habron-James from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England.

Dalcroze workshop

Bethan Habron-James gives instructions to the Dalcroze workshop class via Skype transmission.

Dalcroze workshop

Staff and students who attended the first Dalcroze workshop class with Bethan Habron-James (on the screen).

[ 4 ] Colloquia

A number of colloquia are presented regularly throughout the year where the members of MASARA share ideas and postgraduate students can participate and learn. The following colloquia were presented during the first quarter:

11 February — The research projects in MASARA
25 February — The role of theory in research
10 March — Quality postgraduate supervision

[ 5 ] Posdoctoral fellows

• Dr Inette Swart has been reappointed as a postdoctoral fellow for 2016.
• Prof Jonathan Friedman has been appointed as a new postdoctoral fellow in the subprogramme for religious music.

[ 6 ] Articles accepted / published

1. Ms Antoinette Olivier and Dr Santisa Viljoen‘s article, “The Black Tie Ensemble’s contribution to opera in South Africa”, was published by the South African Journal of Cultural History.

2. Dr Liesl van der Merwe and Dr John Habron’s article, “A conceptual study of spirituality in selected writings of Émile Jaques-Dalcroze”, was published in the International Journal of Music Education.

3. Dr Mignon van Vreden‘s chapter, “Teaching foundation phase learners about music”, appeared in M. Naudé (ed.), Teaching life skills in the foundation phase, Pretoria: Van Schaik Publishers (pp. 177-218).

4. Prof Jaco Kruger‘s Karoo article, “‘Akkedisdis eet die visvis’: Orale narratief en persoonlike transformasie in die Karoo – ’n gevallestudie”, appeared in LitNet Academic, 12 (3), December: pp. 274 – 307.

5. Ms Joy Meyer and Dr Liesl van der Merwe’s article, “Adapting the Suzuki method for two community music programmes in Atteridgeville”, was accepted by Muziki.

6. Dr Albi Odendaal’s article, “Individual differences between the practising behaviours of six pianists: a challenge to Perceptual Learning Style Theory”, was published by Research Studies in Music Education.

7. Dr Mignon van Vreden’s article, “Maestro for a moment: A conceptual framework for music integration in Grade R”, was accepted by The South African Journal of Childhood Education.

8. Dr Conroy Cupido’s article, “Learning from experience: exploring the wellbeing of professional opera singers”, was accepted by Muziki.

9. Dr Santisa Viljoen’s article, “The same, yet different: re-encoding identity in U-Carmen eKhayelitsha”, was accepted by JMAA.

10. Prof Hetta Potgieter and Ms Antoinette Olivier’s article, “‘Create music that will open a person’s heart’: a perspective on emotional and social wellbeing as depicted in three films”, was accepted by Koers.

11. Dr Liesl van der Merwe, Dr Inette Swart and Ms Corlia Fourie’s article, “Frontal lobe brain damage and the lived piano-playing experiences of an older adult”, was accepted by Muziki.

12. Dr Liesl van der Merwe and Ms Elsabe Nortjé’s article, “Young children and spirituality: understanding children’s connectedness in a group music class”, was published by the International Journal of Children’s Spirituality.

Prof Hetta Potgieter completed the new edition of Vir die Musiekleier, which includes the following articles:

13. Potgieter HM, Lombaard C (2015). Spiritualiteit en musiek: Gevleuelde dissiplines. Vir die Musiekleier, 35 (42), December: pp. 9-24.

14. Kruger D (2015). “All things bright and beautiful” – Children singing the apostolic creed. Vir die Musiekleier, 35 (42), December: pp. 25-41.

15. Van Vreden M (2015). “Heer, ‘n kleine kinderbende sing sy loflied tot U eer!” Vir die Musiekleier, 35 (42), December: pp. 42-55.

16. Joseph D, Petersen AB (2015). “Music in worship: making spiritual connections through sound”. Vir die Musiekleier, 35 (42), December: pp. 56-67.

17. Davel DH (2015). “Om die rol van Jesus te vertolk – die ervaring van die akteurs”. Vir die Musiekleier, 35 (42), December: pp. 68-81.

[ 7 ] Exam results

The following postgraduate students completed their studies early in 2016:

Willem Diederick Basson (PhD): “Die invloed van sinodebesluite op die Psalm as kerklied in die Gereformeerde kerke van Suid-Afrika.” Promotor: Prof Daleen Kruger.

Catharina Elizabeth Susanna Kruger (DMus): “Exploring independent interpretation development in young pianists: a case study.” Promotor: Prof Hannes Taljaard. Performance: Dr Tinus Botha.

Ellré Phyllis Jacobs (MMus, cum laude): “The meaning of BMus studies for early career graduates: a phenomenological study.” Promotor: Dr Liesl van der Merwe, Co-promotor: Prof Hetta Potgieter.

Sonya Cruywagen (PhD): “‘Blending with purpose’: a multimodal model for Music Education.” Promotor: Prof Hetta Potgieter, Co-promotor: Dr Liesl van der Merwe.

[ 8 ] Coming attractions

Important events in the second quarter:

26 April — ATLAS.ti trianing
27 April — Postgraduate symposium in collaboration with the University of Pretoria
28 April — Article writing workshop for postgraduate students