(018) 299-1692 [email protected]

Instrument(s) / Discipline(s):
Piano, Piano Pedagogy, and Music Education (Kindermusik)

Period of study at the NWU School of Music / PU for CHE Department of Music:

Qualifications completed at the NWU / PU for CHE:
BMus (Piano Pedagogy and Music Education)
MMus (Music Education, with a hint of Ethnomusicology too)

Qualifications completed elsewhere:
Kindermusik educator (in progress)

Notable professional achievements:
Getting paid to make music and changing students’ lives while doing it!

Current professional position / occupation:
Piano and voice teacher at Joyful Sounds Music Studio in Halifax, Canada. (I don’t think I spend a single day working, I prefer to think of my job as ‘playing’ 🙂 )

Linell Vonkeman

“A selfie with my students in a recording studio in Halifax where we recorded the backing vocals for a local group, The Town Heroes.”

Top 5 must-hear music:
1. Eric Whitacre — Lux Aurumque
2. Beethoven — Piano Concerto No. 3 and 5
3. Pentatonix’s rendition of Mary, did you know
4. Elgar — Cello Concerto performed by Jacqueline du Pré
5. Anything by Diana Krall

Which personal music experiences are most memorable to you?
Too many to mention, but I can highlight the one time I performed with the PUK Choir in Spittal, Austria and we killed it!

Top 5 must-read books:
1. How musical is man by John Blacking
2. The universe within by Neil Turok
3. Redeeming love by Francine Rivers
4. Quiet: the power of introverts by Susan Cain
5. The Time Machine by HG Wells

Favourite quote(s):
“Life is full of cactus but you don’t need to go and sit on them.” 🙂

Linell Vonkeman

The lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove just outside Halifax.

Top 5 must-see movies:
1. The Dark Knight Rises
2. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
3. Grand Budapest Hotel
4. Big Hero 6
5. Moulin Rouge

Which television show(s) can you watch over and over again?
The Big Bang Theory and Frasier.

Favourite food:
Anything Italian.

Favourite drink(s):
Red wine, red wine, red-red wine!

How do you relax?
Sitting on a beach or staring at an ocean view.

Married to Hermen.

Linell Vonkeman

“Climbing Blue Mountain Hill near Halifax with my husband, Hermen, in -15 degree weather!”

Which places would you still like to visit?
New York City, Vancouver, San Francisco, Tokyo, and I could tour the whole country of Italy so many more times.

What are your funniest / fondest memories of your time at the Conservatory?
I laughed so many times during my studies at the Conservatory, but I remember a specific day when we were rehearsing our 4th year Cabaret in the Conserve hall and I sang the opening number, Summertime by Gershwin. The music was serious and sombre and my opening line of Summertime was highly anticipated. But when I started singing, my voice cracked and broke and the whole cast burst out laughing. And they wouldn’t STOP! 🙂

Linell Vonkeman