(018) 299-1692 [email protected]

Date of appointment:
Post-doctoral fellow since 2009

Qualifications completed:
BSc, HED, MMus (UP), DMus (NWU)

Teaching responsibilities:
Organ & Methodology, History of Music

Performance interests:
Concert organist, accompaniment

Research interests:
South African organ music, church music, composition

Who are/were your professional mentors/inspiration?
• Stephanus Zondagh
• Stefans Grové

Gerrit Jordaan

Dr Jordaan (in the background) with the late Prof Stefans Grové and his wife.

Top 5 must-hear music:
1. Dunstable — Motetten (Hilliard)
2. Masaaki Suzuki— Psalmen (Bach Collegium, Japan)
3. Jan Garbarek & Hilliard Ensemble
4. Grové — Dance Rhapsody (Pretoria)
5. Brahms — Vier ernst Gesänge (Quasthoff)

Which personal music experiences are most memorable to you?
Concerts in Turku cathedral 2001, Eindhoven, 2012, Edmonton 2013, Schöne Mullerin (Wilhelm Theunissen).

Top 5 must-read books:
1. Een leven in brieven by Van Gogh
2. A Fine Balance by M R Mistry
3. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
4. The Kite Runner by K Hosseini
5. Siddhartha by H Hesse

Favourite quote(s):
“Al gaan ek deur ‘n dal van doodskaduwee, ek sal nie bang wees nie.”

Top 5 must-see movies:
1. Life of Pi
2. Out of Africa
3. Piaf la mome
4. Cinema Paradiso
5. Ein Eingel über Berlin

Which television shows can you watch over and over again?
Good dramas

Favourite food:

Favourite drink(s):
Red wine, whisky

How do you relax?
Cycle with friends, swim, sculpture.

Family (spouse / children):
My house organ

Which places would you still like to visit?

What is the ringtone on your cell phone?
Bach — Actus Tragicus

What is your favourite moment of the day/week/year at the Conservatory?
Teaching organ, discovering new music, good concerts.