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The combination of cello and organ is not often heard in concert, but several composers through the ages brought together the velvety tone of the cello with the majestic sound of the organ. Two veteran staff members of the NWU School of Music, cellist Human Coetzee and organist Jetty de Vries, will present a musical journey at the end of March exploring the repertoire for this combination by composers from Europe and Russia. The concert will take place at the Dutch Reformed Church Miederpark (Aarbei Avenue) on Tuesday 25 March 2014 at 19:30.

Their journey starts in Italy of the 17th century and moves to and fro through the next three centuries in Germany, Spain, France and Switzerland to end in Russia in the mid 20th century.

Tickets are available at the Conservatory in Thabo Mbeki Drive (tel. 018-299-1692), PUK-Arts in the Heimat Building (F9) on the university campus (tel. 018-299-2844), Protea Book Shop on the Bult (tel. 018-297-1583), online at www.artema.co.za and www.facebook.com/NWU.Music, or 30 minutes before the concert at the box office.

Complete programme:
G Frescobaldi-Cassadó — Toccata
B Campagnoli — Romanze
W Bargiel — Adagio, Op. 38
M Bruch — Ave Maria, Op. 61
LI Marín García — Interludio
M de Falla — Nana (Berceuse)
F Couperin — Pièces en Concert
J Hurè — Air
P Huber — Meditation
I Stravinsky — Russian Maiden’s Song
PI Tschaikovsky — Andante cantabile, Op. 11
S Prokofiev — Pushkin-Waltz No. 2, Op. 120