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Dr Kapambwe Lumbwe (post-doctoral fellow) and Dr Alvin Petersen (senior lecturer in African Music) attended the 42nd International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) World Conference in Shanghai, China. Dr Lumbwe shares his impressions of the conference:

“The ICTM World Conference was held from 11 to 17 July 2013 at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. The conference was characterised by high-level performances of traditional music from different parts of China, which gave the conference participants a feel of the culture and traditions of the different peoples of the country. The Chinese organising committee offered the delegates hospitality that made our stay comfortable and exciting. Personally, I had a very rough time as I fell ill from the day I arrived till the day I left … Despite my predicament, I managed to attend a good number of conference sessions and a few evening concerts.

“At this conference, I presented a paper entitled, ‘Negotiating the Rebuilding and Reinvention of Zambian Musical History through Kalindula Music’. As indicated earlier, I was not well and could not sleep the whole night before my presentation, but according to comments made by those who were in attendance, my paper was well-received. In fact, I received a proposal from Professor Jean Kidula from Atlanta (USA) for collaborative work.

“My experience of Shanghai was (sadly) very limited due to persistent illness, but I did benefit from interacting with conference participants at the hotel and during break times as the conference proceeded. I managed to network and make friends who have enhanced my academic knowledge and experience.”

Delegates from Africa at the 42nd ICTM World Conference

Delegates from Africa at 42nd ICTM World Conference