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Application to register for additional modules

Senior undergraduate music students may be allowed to register for additional (non-music) modules that are not part of their enrolled curriculum, subject to certain conditions and official approval.

In this regard, please take note of the following applicable General Academic Rules:

2.3.2   Subject to provisions in faculty rules, a student who registers for the second, third or fourth year level of an undergraduate programme, and who has already passed all the required preceding modules of the programme concerned, may be allowed to register for a maximum of two additional modules per semester or two additional year modules, or one semester and one year module, provided that the student has ascertained that no class or examination timetable clashes are brought about thereby, and subject to the maximum number of credits for which a student may register in a given academic year as provided for in rule 1.9.

2.3.4   A student who failed modules that form part of the formal curriculum of a programme, may not, in the following year of study, register for additional modules not required for the curriculum of the programme before the failed modules have been passed.

Degree students who intend to continue with study for the PGCE, should read this PGCE Guide for Music Students.

The School of Music will consider applications for the scheduling of fully approved additional (non-music) modules, but no guarantee can be offered that it will be possible in all instances. The scheduling of music modules will always take precedence over additional modules.

Students have to apply by 30 November each year for additional modules to be taken into account in the compiling of the following year’s timetable.

Carefully follow the schedule below and complete all the steps by the deadline to ensure that your application is submitted in time:

1. Download the Student Request Form and Module Change Form at http://services.nwu.ac.za/student-academic-lifecycle-administration/student-request-forms

2. Determine the exact module codes for the additional modules that you are interested in. (Consult the relevant yearbook.)

3. Complete the following sections on the Student Request Form:
(a) Student information and contact details in the first block.
(b) Request and motivation by the student.
(c) Signature and date at the bottom of the page.

4. Submit the Student Request Form with a copy of your academic record (available on DIY Services) to the subject chairperson for the additional modules. (Consult the relevant faculty web page.)

5. Complete the following sections on the Module Change Form:
(a) Student information and contact details in the first block.
(b) Module codes for the additional modules under Additions.
(c) Signature and date.

6. Once you have received the approved Student Request Form from the relevant subject chairperson, proceed to the application below. Keep the approved Student Request Form and completed Module Change Form ready to upload as part of your application.

For any enquiries about additional modules, contact your programme manager.
For any enquiries about the timetable, contact Mr Jaco van der Merwe: [email protected] / 079 970-9580 (WhatsApp/Signal/SMS only, no calls).