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The beginning of the year is a good time to review your goals — whether professional or personal — and to decide what you want to achieve this year.


setting goals


A few of our lecturers agreed to share their goals for 2022:

André Oosthuizen / Mignon van Vreden / Janelize Morelli

  • Mr André Oosthuizen (left) has two very simple goals for this year: to learn to play the Renaissance flute, and to kill fewer of his house plants.
  • Prof Mignon van Vreden (centre) would like to make music with her students inside and outside of the Conservatory as regularly as possible. She would also like to always have good coffee available, especially for her postgraduate students.
  • Dr Janelize Morelli’s (right) goals are to present research papers at one national and one international conference, and also to complete two publications she’s working on. On a personal note, she would like to see the construction of their house completed by the middle of the year.

If you haven’t set your own goals for the year yet, we hope that you are inspired now to aim high and make a commitment.


Please share your goals with us in the comments below!