(018) 299-1692 [email protected]

Date of appointment:
1 July 2007

Teaching responsibilities:
Music Theory & Keyboard Skills

Research interests:
The therapeutic use of music

Who are/were your professional mentors/inspiration?
Prof Bertha Spies

Top 2 must-hear music:
1. Queen
2. Kelly Clarkson

Which personal music experiences are most memorable to you?
1. The first time my father took me to the State Theatre in Pretoria — I was 12 years old and it was a production of Turandot.
2. The opera tours with Prof Werner Nel and the students from the vocal department — always LOADS of fun.

Annette Massyn

Top 3 must-read books:
1. An Unfinished Life by D Spragg
2. All Stephen King books
3. All James Patterson books (Alex Cross series)

Favourite quote(s):
“Success is the best revenge.”

Top 5 must-see movies:
1. My Sister’s Keeper, Letters to God, City of Angels
2. The Matrix trilogy
3. Ghost
4. Dead Poets’ Society
5. Schindler’s List, A Beautiful Mind, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, E.T., Top Gun, Lien se lankstaanskoene, The Notebook, and many more … I love a good movie!

Which television shows can you watch over and over again?
Will and Grace, The Graham Norton Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Golden Girls, The Dog Whisperer

Favourite food:
Italian, Italian, Italian (any pasta and pizza)

Favourite drink(s):
French Vanilla Latte, a good bottle of red wine with the Italian food

How do you relax?
Reading a good book or watching a good movie in my pyjamas, spending time nature, any quality time I spend with my daughter.

Annette Massyn

Which places would you still like to visit?
Scotland, Tuscany

What is the ringtone on your cell phone?
The X-Files

What is your favourite moment of the day/week/year at the Conservatory?
When I arrive at work early in the morning and smell the aroma of freshly-made coffee (thanks to a wonderful colleague!)