Knowing Me, Knowing You — Prof Hannes Taljaard Me, Knowing You — Prof Hannes Taljaard

Date of appointment: I was appointed as temporary part-time lecturer for the first time in 1997, and in January 2004 as permanent member of staff. Qualifications completed: BMus, Honours BMus, Honours BA (French Literature), MMus (Musicology), DMus (Composition). Teaching responsibilities: It is a long list! Composition, Music Rudiments, Music Theory, postgraduate supervision, and Keyboard Skills. Performance interests: Performing in ensembles that work with dancers — I haven’t done it yet,.

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School of Music is now also blogging of Music is now also blogging

Welcome to take note, the new blog of the NWU School of Music, developed with the support and assistance of the Department of Marketing and Communications on the Potchefstroom Campus. This is an expansion of our online presence and another channel for the distribution of news and information about the School of Music. Additionally, the blog will also allow for more interaction between the School and its supporters, including current.

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