Knowing Me, Knowing You — Dr Gerrit Jordaan Me, Knowing You — Dr Gerrit Jordaan

Date of appointment: Post-doctoral fellow since 2009 Qualifications completed: BSc, HED, MMus (UP), DMus (NWU) Teaching responsibilities: Organ & Methodology, History of Music Performance interests: Concert organist, accompaniment Research interests: South African organ music, church music, composition Who are/were your professional mentors/inspiration? • Stephanus Zondagh • Stefans Grové Top 5 must-hear music: 1. Dunstable — Motetten (Hilliard) 2. Masaaki Suzuki— Psalmen (Bach Collegium, Japan) 3. Jan Garbarek & Hilliard Ensemble.

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Post-doctoral fellow wins Ghoema Award fellow wins Ghoema Award

A post-doctoral fellow at the School of Music, Dr Ockie Vermeulen, received a Ghoema Award on Sunday 13 April 2014 for his third instrumental CD, Obsession. It contains music composed, and also inspired, by the late Christa Steyn. The recording has also been nominated for a South African Music Award in the category Best Classical and/or Instrumental Album. Dr Vermeulen is well-known as an organist and curator of the Rieger.

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Dr Petersen reports on the 42nd ICTM Conference Petersen reports on the 42nd ICTM Conference

Dr Petersen also attended the 42nd Conference of the International Council on Traditional Music (ICTM) in Shanghai (with Dr Lumbwe) and provided his own report on the event: With the exception of the 40th World Conference of the ICTM in Durban, there was a record number (in excess of 30) delegates from Africa at the 42nd ICTM World Conference, which was held in Shanghai from 11-18 July 2013. Shanghai Conservatoire.

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Dr Lumbwe & Dr Petersen attended the 42nd ICTM World Conference Lumbwe & Dr Petersen attended the 42nd ICTM World Conference

Dr Kapambwe Lumbwe (post-doctoral fellow) and Dr Alvin Petersen (senior lecturer in African Music) attended the 42nd International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) World Conference in Shanghai, China. Dr Lumbwe shares his impressions of the conference: “The ICTM World Conference was held from 11 to 17 July 2013 at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. The conference was characterised by high-level performances of traditional music from different parts of China, which.

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