Applications & auditions for music study at NWU in 2016 & auditions for music study at NWU in 2016

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Prospective music students who would like to study at the School of Music & Conservatory, North-West University in Potchefstroom next year can still apply for admission and an audition until 14 August 2015. Contact the NWU Admissions Office at tel. (018) 299-2642 / e-mail for an application form and further information about the required documents and application fee, or visit the website for prospective students.

The School of Music will consider applications for:
• vocal studies (all voice types);
• brass instruments: trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba and French horn;
• piano and organ;
• flute;
• violin and cello.
For most of these instruments only a limited number of enrollments are available.

All undergraduate applications for music study are subject to a selection process that will be conducted on Saturday 22 & 29 August 2015 at the Conservatory in Potchefstroom. An application for selection can be submitted online. The application form can also be downloaded at the School of Music website or requested from tel. (018) 299-1692 / and must be completed and returned as soon as possible.

All prospective music students who complete the audition will be considered for a PUK Prestige Music Bursary worth R20,000. For further bursaries and financial support, contact Financial Support Services at tel. (018) 299-2045, or visit the FSS website.

A special Guide for Application, Selection and Admission contains full information on all the procedures and requirements. For enquiries and further information, please contact the School of Music at tel. (018) 299-1692 / or type your comment below.


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  1. saundre 2 July 2015 | Reply
    Do you offer part time courses? And do you have music teaching?
    • Jaco van der Merwe 2 July 2015 | Reply
      Unfortunately, all undergraduate programmes still require full-time study.
  2. Megan 5 July 2015 | Reply
    Hi I'm a second year student at the Puk and was wondering if it's able to also do Vocal Studies?
    • Jaco van der Merwe 6 July 2015 | Reply
      If you are studying something else, you could continue with vocal lessons as a Conservatory student. Unfortunately, we don't have any more places available for singers, but you could apply for next year. Contact us again by October.
  3. Lunga Sianagowa 10 July 2015 | Reply
    Kindly advise on procedures to enroll into the PhD Music Education program.
    • Jaco van der Merwe 10 July 2015 | Reply
      Please contact the Research Niche Leader, Dr Liesl van der Merwe, in this regard:
  4. DANIEL 29 July 2015 | Reply
    Hlw, i am asking for application forms. i want to audition for Organ/vocal. i am not perfect want to learn more.
    • Jaco van der Merwe 30 July 2015 | Reply
      An application for selection can be submitted online: . The application form can also be downloaded at the School of Music website:
  5. Myrtle 5 August 2015 | Reply
    Hi...i would like to k ow how do i go about if i want to enroll my daughter? She can play some instruments and loves singing. I would like her 2 further in her music. Pls help. Thank you.
    • Jaco van der Merwe 6 August 2015 | Reply
      An application for selection can be submitted online: . The application form can also be downloaded at the School of Music website: . Also read the Guide for Application, Selection and Admission at for all the information and requirements.
  6. Edwidn Duma 6 August 2015 | Reply
    Hi my name is Edwin is i have grade 5 practical in euphonium but i did nt pass my matric and i did do matric so i want to ask if is it possible for me to apply?
    • Jaco van der Merwe 6 August 2015 | Reply
      A Matric certificate with an endorsement for diploma study is required for admission to the Diploma in Music. Matric exemption is required for degree study. No tertiary study is possible without having passed Matric. You should therefore consider completing Matric first.
  7. chris 10 August 2015 | Reply
    I'm 30 years old & I have matric but I can sing but I'm not good @ piano,, can a man @ my age apply again not being good @ piano?
    • Jaco van der Merwe 11 August 2015 | Reply
      Piano is not required for admission, as long as you have another instrument/voice to present as your main performance study. Keyboard Skills is part of both the Diploma in Music and BA Music & Society programmes.
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  9. Charles 24 August 2015 | Reply
    So there are no auditions for percussion instruments, as in like drums??
  10. Nobelungu 4 September 2015 | Reply
    Hi.. I'm a 24yrs old lady who play djembe drum n I sing a lot.. What r the chances for a person like me?? I only have matric
    • Jaco van der Merwe 4 September 2015 | Reply
      We would consider your application. Unfortunately, applications and auditions for admission in 2016 have already closed. Please contact us again in April next year regarding the selection process for 2017.
  11. chris 11 September 2015 | Reply
    I receive an sms stating that I am provisionally accepted @ NWU music for 2016, does this mean I'm on waiting list?
  12. kenney 16 September 2015 | Reply
    I'm kenney kobola playing tuba instrument I do have grade 12 and little bit basic In music theory
    • Jaco van der Merwe 17 September 2015 | Reply
      Applications and auditions for 2016 have closed already. Please contact us again in April next year for admission in 2017.
  13. LIz Kotze 18 January 2016 | Reply
    HI, my daughter wants to do BMus in Potchefstroom in 2017, we live in Cape Town. How do you arrange auditions for students from other provinces ? Regards
    • Jaco van der Merwe 24 January 2016 | Reply
      We strongly recommend that students audition in person as it is the best way to evaluate them and determine their admission. So if students are within driving distance of Potchefstroom, we prefer that they come here for the audition. However, we will consider requests for alternative auditions, such as over Skype or per video recording. We will also make an announcement soon about more audition opportunities and venues than just at the end of August in Potchefstroom.

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