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[ Harry Sauerman is the third of four students selected for an exchange programme with the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden from August 2019 to January 2020. Here are some of the things that he enjoyed. ]


The facilities at KHM are a sight to behold and at first it was a lot to take in. For the first two weeks getting to know the building was like being a child in a toy store, from the practice rooms’ acoustics to the special dancing floors in the eurhythmics rooms and the auto blinders for temperature and humidity control.

Harry Sauerman

Tarina, Tshepy, Anja and I after our first movement class.

All the lecturers were so enthusiastic about their subject which made lessons a lot of fun. Looking back, I can’t think of one day or lesson that I didn’t feel inspired. All of the staff were approachable and constantly encouraged us to ask questions.

Harry Sauerman

Metric lesson.

It was an educational experience that I will never forget, and I will definitely implement these teaching practices in my own teaching one day.

Harry Sauerman

After our last lesson: Harry, Tshepy, Maja, Oscar, Tarina, Anja and Otto.


One cultural experience I heard about before arriving in Sweden was “fika”. Many of the previous exchange students told us that it is one of the best experiences. Initially, I thought that they made too big a deal of it, but three weeks into the exchange I was counting the minutes to fika. Kanelbulle is one of the food items I will surely miss.

Another memorable social event was the KMH Halloween party, my first ever. Halloween is not really a big deal in South Africa, so we had to capitalise and be sure to attend the festivities. Both Anja and I got dressed up and enjoyed a night of karaoke and partying with the other students from KMH.

Harry Sauerman

On my way to the KMH Halloween bash.