Monday 26 May
Piano master classes by Antonio Pompa-Baldi from 10:00-13:00 in the Conservatory Hall.

Tuesday 27 May
Student Concert at 12:10 in the Conservatory Hall.
New Music Ensemble lunch hour concert at 13:15 in the Pretorius Music Studio. Free entry.

Wednesday 28 May
• Musikhane at 14:00

Thursday 29 May
• Colloquium at 11:15 in Oppibib.

Friday 30 May
• Royal Schools practical exams from 11:00-17:00 in the Conservatory Hall.
• Lectures for the 1st semester close at 17:30.
• Pioneer Brass, accompanied by Ms Yvonne-Marié Brand, Dr Tinus Botha, Ms Antoinette Olivier and some other students will travel to Kimberley. Pioneer Brass will perform at the opening of the Northern Cape Legislature Friday morning. Staff and students will participate in a joint concert with the Kimberley Children’s Choir on Friday night at the William Humphreys Art Gallery.